The Key to a Strong Refugee Narrative

Writing is Key to a Strong Refugee Claim Narrative

Why Writing is Key to a Strong Refugee Claim Narrative (included in your Basis Of Claim BOC) in Canada.

As an immigration consultant working with refugee claimants in Canada, I understand the importance of a clear and compelling narrative. This article will explain how writing plays a crucial role in developing a strong story for your refugee claim presented to the Refugee Protection Division RPD.

Why We Ask You to Write and Rewrite Your Story

You might wonder why we ask you to write your story and then rewrite it, incorporating answers to our questions and feedback. This seemingly repetitive process has several benefits:

  1. Clarity and Organization: Writing your story down forces you to organize your thoughts chronologically. This helps you see the coherence (or lack thereof) in the sequence of events.
  2. Identifying Gaps: Putting your story on paper allows you and most importantly your consultant to see any jumps or missing details. Your counsel cannot see these gaps without being written down. Rereading the next day often reveals inconsistencies that might be missed in the moment, such as dates, names, locations, circumstances, and other elements.
  3. Integration of Details: By rewriting your story to include answers to specific questions, it makes you aware of how incidents are connected and how they paint the whole picture and strengthen the narrative. This ensures a smooth flow of information and clarifies how each detail supports your overall claim.
  4. Memory Enhancement: Writing helps solidify information in your memory. Writing engages visual and motor pathways, demand concentration and re-enforce long term memory. The act of writing reinforces key details and strengthens your ability to discuss and defend your story during the hearing when a member of the board asks you questions.
  5. Taking Time to Think: Writing allows for reflection. You have time to consider the specifics needed for a strong claim and mentally represent the sequence of events.
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The Power of Multiple Drafts

A powerful refugee claim narrative rarely emerges from the first or second attempt. Our questions are designed to draw out details and gradually build a complete picture of your experience. Expect at least two to three rounds of revisions – this back-and-forth is essential to refine your story.

Our questions target three key areas:

  1. Essential Questions: These are common inquiries asked in all refugee hearings at the Refugee Protection Division RPD.
  2. Case-Specific Inquiries: These questions delve deeper into your unique circumstances.
  3. Hearing Preparation: We ask questions designed to prepare you for the hearing itself, ensuring you can confidently present your narrative and your Basis Of Claim BOC.

By working together through this writing process, we can ensure your refugee claim is presented in a clear, organized, and well-supported manner. Remember, every minute spent crafting your story is an investment in your success.

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