Get approved or Get 100% Refund on Your Asylum in Canada, H&C or Spousal and Parents Sponsorship

Immigration Consultant Mississauga

Are you seeking asylum in Mississauga, Canada, while in or outside the country, and you need expert help? If yes, look no further!

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We provide services for:
Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Surrey, and Winnipeg.

Professional Help

Retaining our services means you are being supported by a result-driven team (RCICs) who are specialized in the field and has the experience and expertise to get you there.

Personal Strategy

We aims to treat every client with the attention, time and respect they deserve. By analyzing their profile and case to create a personal strategy to achieve their immigration goal.

Immigration Consultant Mississauga

LMRT Immigration is a reliable immigration service in Mississauga. We are leading immigration consultants in Canada with a team of experts that includes asylum attorneys and immigration lawyers and consultants in Mississauga.
All of our consultants are authorized CICC representatives

Our main job is representing refugee claimants seeking asylum in Mississauga, Canada, for a variety of reasons. We’ve successfully handled hundreds of asylum cases and boast of having an excellent record when appealing rejected refugee claims.

Most importantly, we have a 100% refund policy. If we don’t deliver, you get a 100% refund.

Refugee Lawyer Montreal
Refugee Lawyer Montreal

Online Immigration Consultancy

If you have a question about immigration, asylum, express entry into Canada, Quebec, or other related questions, you can book an online session with an LMRT immigration consultant in Mississauga.

We can schedule a consultation at a convenient time without the need for emails or phone calls.

Our experienced immigration consultants are always ready to offer their expertise.

Our Clients

We help refugee claimants seeking asylum in Canada. Our clients can be in Mississauga or anywhere in Canada. They can also have a visa to travel to Canada and plan to apply for asylum at the port of entry or after entering Canada.

Geographically, our initial focus is on Canada. However, we also serve many other countries, including the US, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and the UAE.

We speak English, French, Arabic and Farsi!

We are here for you every step of the way.

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Our clients can be in Montreal or anywhere in Canada

Our Services

LMRT Immigration’s main services include, but aren’t limited to:

Representing Refugee Claimants

Asylum seekers have a challenging journey coming to Canada. This service assures you don’t risk your future and that of your family. LMRT gets it right from the beginning ensuring you don’t waste time or risk your chance to reside in Canada.

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Appeals & Refused Refugee Claimant

This service is for refused refugee claimants – individuals whose refugee claims are denied by the RPD (Refugee protection Division).

  • Click here to read more about our process

Applications for Permanent Residency (Under Humanitarian & Compassionate Considerations)

LMRT Immigration also helps applicants for permanent residency under special circumstances such as H&C (Humanitarian & Compassionate considerations).

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Family Sponsorship

We also offer immigration sponsorship services. Assuming you are already in Canada, we can help you sponsor a family member like a spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner, child, parent, or grandparent.

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LMRT: Trusted Partners in Your Immigration Journey

Collaborating with Government Bodies to Secure Your Future

What does it take to get immigration consultancy services from LMRT?

If you are an asylum seeker, a refugee claimant, or you want to appeal a rejected asylum application, we recommend you book an online consultation.


Alternatively, you can email [email protected] or call +1 (438)-700-6165. We speak Arabic, English, French, and Farsi.
We also answer all immigration-related questions, including the latest regulations on asylum seekers looking to enter Canada using official border crossings like Roxham Road and the Buffalo border.

Immigration Lawyer in Mississauga

Seeking asylum in Canada is a complex process characterized by numerous eligibility requirements, paperwork, and strict timelines. What’s more, refugee claims can be rejected. However, you can appeal.

You need a reliable immigration lawyer in Mississauga to guide you through the process of seeking asylum in Canada and settling in the country.

An immigration attorney is also the best-placed attorney to represent you and handle your appeal should your application be rejected. While you can do everything yourself, you shouldn’t risk your or your family’s future. After a long and difficult journey to Canada, you deserve the best experts to handle your case.


Our Difference

Why Choose LMRT Immigration as Your Preferred Canada Immigration Service in Mississauga?

Zero risk guaranteed service: If you don’t get approved, you will get a 100% refund. Our 100% refund policy is unmatched in the entire Canadian asylum and spousal & parents’ sponsorship immigration sector.

Legally authorised and regulated Canadian immigration consultant: We are expert immigration professionals legally authorized by the CICC. We are RCICs (Regulated Canadian immigration consultants).

Multi-language services: We speak multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Farsi and French.

Proven track record: We have hundreds of satisfied clients and a stellar history of successfully appealing rejected refugee claims.

Expert professional team: Our team is composed of expert immigration lawyers and counselors.

Online services: You can get fast and convenient immigration process assistance online. Let’s discuss your immigration goals.

Service variety: We help with a wide range of Canadian immigration programs and processes.

Reach out to us today to get your immigration process started, the right way. LMRT is the Perfect Choice For Your Canadian Dreams with our immigration consultants. Your chance for a new life in Mississauga, Canada is just a few clicks away!

We also provide services for Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Surrey, and Winnipeg.


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